Create Microsoft Teams Feed

Create Microsoft Teams feed to ingest Teams channel messages.

Graphlit supports ingesting messages rom Microsoft Teams channels.

The createFeed mutation enables the creation of a feed by accepting the feed name, type and microsoftTeams feed parameters and it returns essential details, including the ID, name, state, and type of the newly generated feed.

Depending on the specified type parameter, Graphlit requires the specific feed parameters including the Microsoft Teams tenantId, team identifier, channel identifier, and refreshToken .

By default, the Microsoft Teams feed will ingest the plain or HTML text from Teams messages, including the author of the message. You will be able to search on the extracted text to locate relevant Teams messages.

You can assign a workflow object when creating the feed, and enable link crawling in order to ingest any referenced web pages or files linked to the Teams messages.

Your Microsoft Teams tenant, team and channel identifiers are part of the channel URI, which can be copied from the Microsoft Teams application.

For example:{channel-id}/{channe-name}?groupId={team-id}&tenantId={tenant-id}


mutation CreateFeed($feed: FeedInput!) {
  createFeed(feed: $feed) {


  "feed": {
    "type": "MICROSOFT_TEAMS",
    "microsoftTeams": {
      "tenantId": "redacted",
      "team": "redacted",
      "channel": "redacted",
      "refreshToken": "redacted"
    "schedulePolicy": {
      "recurrenceType": "REPEAT",
      "repeatInterval": "PT5M"
    "name": "Microsoft Teams Feed"


  "type": "MICROSOFT_TEAMS",
  "id": "1f2ccc29-6e4d-4aec-afe0-f21eedd56132",
  "name": "Microsoft Teams Feed",
  "state": "ENABLED"

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