Create Web Feed

Create Web feed to ingest website pages.

Websites are a common source for online knowledge, and Graphlit supports creating Web feeds to ingest and index web pages from any website.

By default, we look for a sitemap.xml file on the website you provide, and ingest all web pages found in the sitemap at or below the provided location in the sitemap. If no sitemap exists, we will ingest just the web page at the provided URI.

The createFeed mutation enables the creation of a feed by accepting the feed name, type and web feed parameters and it returns essential details, including the ID, name, state, and type of the newly generated feed.

Depending on the specified type parameter, Graphlit requires the specific feed parameters including the website uri.


mutation CreateFeed($feed: FeedInput!) {
  createFeed(feed: $feed) {


  "feed": {
    "type": "WEB",
    "web": {
      "uri": ""
    "name": "OpenAI Blog"


  "type": "WEB",
  "id": "251c884b-913a-44b0-893c-1f389c5f53e4",
  "name": "OpenAI Blog",
  "state": "ENABLED"

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