For Node.js Developers

Native Node.js client for accessing the Graphlit Platform


The Graphlit Client for Node.js enables straightforward interactions with the Graphlit API, allowing developers to execute GraphQL queries and mutations against the Graphlit service. This document outlines the setup process and provides a basic example of using the client.


Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • Node.js installed on your system (recommended version 14.x or higher).

  • An active account on the Graphlit Platform with access to the API settings dashboard.


To install the Graphlit Client, use npm or yarn:

npm install graphlit-client


yarn add graphlit-client


const organizationId = "YOUR_ORGANIZATION_ID"
const environmentId = "YOUR_ENVIRONMENT_ID"
const jwtSecret= "YOUR_JWT_SECRET"

const graphlit = new Graphlit(organizationId, environmentId, jwtSecret);

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