Create Jira Feed

Create Atlassian Jira feed to ingest issues and issue attachments.

Graphlit supports ingesting issues and issue attachments from Jira.

The createFeed mutation enables the creation of a feed by accepting the feed name, type and issue feed parameters and it returns essential details, including the ID, name, state, and type of the newly generated feed.

You will need to opt-in to extracting issue attachments from issues, which will be ingested as new content objects, by assigning includeAttachments to true.

Reading issues from Jira requires an Atlassian email address and API token, which must be requested by your application for the user's Jira account. Graphlit stores the email address and API token, and will use it to authenticate to your user's Jira account.

Also, you will need to specify the Jira URI and project key, where the issues can be found.

If you would like to read issues from multiple Jira projects, you can create multiple Jira feeds.


mutation CreateFeed($feed: FeedInput!) {
  createFeed(feed: $feed) {


  "feed": {
    "type": "ISSUE",
    "issue": {
      "type": "ATLASSIAN_JIRA",
      "includeAttachments": true,
      "jira": {
        "uri": "",
        "project": "redacted",
        "email": "redacted",
        "token": "redacted"
      "readLimit": 50
    "name": "Jira"


  "type": "ISSUE",
  "id": "70cf882a-9cd9-45c1-b5a0-88606938248a",
  "name": "Jira",
  "state": "ENABLED"

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