Create Graphlit Project

Create your first Graphlit project.

Now that you've signed up for Graphlit, let's create a new Project within your Organization.

You can consider each project to be like a separate database, which would be used by a web application. (If you are building two separate applications on Graphlit, you would create two separate Projects.)

Projects are billed separately, based on usage, and exist within an organization.

Click New Project to get started.

Create Project

Enter your project name and click Create Project.

By default, projects are created in the Free Tier, which does not require a payment method.

Your project will be created, and will be highlighted on the Projects page.

Currently, Graphlit supports a single region (US South Central) on Azure, but will support multiple deployment regions in future.


Click on your new project card to see what has been created.

For each project, Graphlit provisions a Preview environment and a Production environment.

These environments are fully partitioned from each other, and share no data or storage resources.

Under Project Connection Information, the endpoint for the Graphlit Data API is shown, as well as your Organization ID, Preview Environment ID and JWT Secret, which will be needed for authenticating to the API.

Let's get connected to the API...

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