Prompt Conversation

Here is an example of asking a question about your ingested content.

You can choose an existing conversation to ask followup questions, or start a new conversation.

This will use the default LLM specification for your project, which currently defaults to using the OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo 16k model.

Prompt Conversation

g prompt --type conversation

Prompt Conversation using Mistral Large

Alternately, we can create a custom LLM specification for the Mistral Large model.

g create --type specification

Once we have the specification, we can create a new conversation.

Notice how we're limiting the conversation to the Web feed, so it will only answer questions about content ingested by that feed.

g create --type conversation

Now let's have the same conversation with the OpenAI blog, but using the Mistral Large model.

g prompt --type conversation

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