CLI Usage

The Graphlit CLI is released in an beta state, and may contain bugs or limitations unrelated to the Graphlit Data API.

As you begin integrating with the Graphlit API, you may want to quickly query ingested content, prompt a conversation with your content directly, or check your credit usage.

With the Graphlit CLI, you can access a Graphlit project without writing code or calling the GraphQL API directly.

The CLI can also be used to generate GraphQL API examples for easier integration into your applications.

Windows (x64), MacOS (x64, arm64), and Linux (x64) environments are supported.

The syntax of the CLI command-line arguments follow this pattern:

g {verb} {arguments}

For example, to ingest content into Graphlit:

g create --type content

Graphlit CLI Support

If you run into any difficulties using the CLI, or have any questions about its usage, please connect with us on Discord, and we'll be happy to help.

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