Create, update, delete and query Workflows.

Create Workflow

When ingesting content into Graphlit, workflows are used to configure the processing of the content into the Graphlit Platform. This includes ingestion filtering, audio transcription, entity extraction, and web scraping (via link crawling).

With the CLI, you can configuring one or more workflow stages, and then reuse the workflow across content and feeds.

g create --type workflow

Web Scraping

Here we are creating a workflow to crawl web links from ingested web pages.

PDF Text Extraction

Here we are creating a workflow to extract text from PDFs using Azure Document Intelligence.

Update Workflow

Once you've created a workflow, you can update it in-place, and reconfigure as appropriate.

Here we're selecting 'allow content domain', so the web scraping will include links with the same domain as the original web page.

g update --type workflow --id "{guid}"

Delete Workflow

g delete --type workflow --id "{guid}"

Clear Workflows

g clear --type workflow

Get Workflow

g get --type workflow --id "{guid}"

Query Workflows

g query --type workflow

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