Create, delete and query Feeds.

You can connect to a wide variety of data sources using Graphlit feeds.

Here we will show you how to create several feeds, but you can choose from any available feed in the CLI. You will be asked for any authentication tokens or specific parameters required by the feed.

You can select the feed recurrence, where the feed will read from the data source once, or on a recurrent period. For feeds like Slack or email, you can choose between reading past messages or polling for new messages.

Long-running feeds can be disabled or enabled, whereas 'one-shot' feeds cannot.

Also you can select if you want a content workflow to be applied to the content ingested from the feed.

Create Feed

g create --type feed

Create Web Feed

Create Reddit Feed

Content ingested from feeds are linked to the source feed to maintain data lineage.

In order to prevent orphaned references from content to feeds, Graphlit does not support deleting feeds without deleting the linked content.

When you delete a feed, the linked content will also be deleted.

For most use cases, you will want to disable a feed - not delete - when done with the feed. You are able to query feeds by their state to return enabled feeds only.

Delete Feed

g delete --type feed --id "{guid}"

Clear Feeds

g clear --type feed

Disable Feed

g disable --type feed --id "{guid}"

Enable Feed

g enable --type feed --id "{guid}"

Get Feed

g get --type feed --id "{guid}"

Query Feeds

g query --type feed

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