Create, delete and query Contents.

Create Content

With the Graphlit CLI, you can create content from a file or web page, specified by URL. (The CLI infers if the URL points to a file or a web page, and calls the ingestUri mutation appropriately.)

g create --type content

The CLI responds with the JSON from the GraphQL API response. The id field is the unique identifier for the content that was created, and can be used to update or delete the entity later.

You can also create content from plain text, Markdown or HTML, by pressing <enter> when asked for the URI.

You will be asked for the content name, text type and text.

Delete Content

You can delete content with:

g delete --type content --id "{guid}"

Get Content

You can get the full JSON details of the content with:

g get --type content --id "{guid}"

Query Contents

You can query all the contents in your project with:

g query --type content

Clear Contents

You can delete all the contents in your project with:

g clear --type content

This will delete all the content in your project (or end-user tenant), so please use caution with this command.

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